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By Joe Minihane


1. A private plane safari across Kenya

2. A forest villa in Rwanda
3. A luxury camp in Tanzania
4. A photography-focused lodge in Zambia
5. A delta retreat in Botswana
6.  A riverside resort in Zimbabwe
7.  A tropical safari in northeastern Madagascar
8.  A spa in South Africa
9. A rhino-tracking adventure in Kenya
10. A tailor-made airborne safari in Namibia

By Dominic Chadbon

Best African Safari Tours: Top 10 Picks

On an Africa Safari by land sea and air
by Muguette Goufrani

Some of my greatest pleasures in the wide open spaces, be it in some remote corner of Africa, in the Canadian North, or around the world, occurred when I was "On Safari" ... although we didn't use that word at the time. The term 'safari' began in Kenya and Tanzania, and was derived from the Swahili word for "journey. " These various treks or excursions are mainly overland, however in some cases bodies of water must be crossed. Some say it came originally from the Arab term 'safara."

My most recent safari in Northern Tanzania involved air transportation -- a light aircraft to take us to our destination - the famous Serengeti Plain- then as in addition to our journey through the wildlife area b y 4-wheel drive, myself, Karen Hoffman and several others traveled by balloon. Serengeti Balloon Safaris has become the latest trend, gaining popularity in recent years. Looking at the history books, the word has been in use for longer than you may think ... (More Air Safaris).

Superstars of the Serengeti
iLike a cinemascope movie, Africa's Animal Empire filled the scene, then fanned out in all directions on the far horizon; to the Tanzania - Kenya border, or to Lake Victoria and beyond. And what performers these four legged actors were; prancing about like tv wrestlers, snorting and butting heads, as if they knew they were the star performers of our show.(Continued)

On Safari: Your Defining Moment
According to Harold Gordon, there are brief encounters or experiences that shape our lives and head us in a new direction. He calls them "defining moments" - moments that give us new insights and vision. After we've had a defining moment, we can never turn back to the old ways. Most people, in his opinion, will experience a defining moment of some kind in their lives, be it a person they met, a book they read, a thought or a certain teacher.
When Harold Gordon's defining moment came, it shaped his life. "Thirty years ago," Harold related, "I was on a minibus heading for Arusha, Northern Tanzania, when I spotted four tall, ungainly, but graceful giraffes galloping towards an acacia tree to munch on the green leaves. The bus stopped and we watched as they fed, wrapping their tongues around the thorns to reach the tiny leaves.

Serengeti Balloon Safaris: Ballooning in Africa is an exhilarating experience -- one you'll never forget. What's more, it fits ideally into any safari schedule. For reservations in Arusha, Tanzania, call 255.57.8578 or fax 255.57.8997

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