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Fortune Avenue, UAE

Real Estate in Dubai - The Smartest Investment

Business in Dubai / UAE - The Intelligent Move


About Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai in the U.A.E. is one of the great success stories

internationally in the process of economic development. Traditionally the trading

hub of the Region, Dubai is now extending its success into tourism and

knowledge based industries. Dubai is one of seven emirates that make up the

federation of the United Arab Emirates, and is the nerve center of the UAE's

commercial activity and home to global corporate giants. With a GDP of US $69

billion and growing, and 15 million hotel guests projected by 2010, the

progressive spirit of Dubai has caught the imagination of investors, residents and

visitors alike.

His Highness General Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of

Dubai's vision is to provide the best the world has to offer. With no personal

corporate or sales taxes, foreign direct investment has expanded strongly and

mega projects have become synonymous with Dubai's development. The residential

and commercial property sector has become a major contributor to Dubai's


Dubai's strategic location is also a key element in its success. The heart

of one of the worlds richest regions, Dubai is located midway between the Far

East and Europe. Over 120 shipping lines and 100 airlines connect to more

than 140 global destinations. The award winning Emirates airlines is ever

expanding into new destinations.

Multi-national companies increasingly see Dubai as the obvious choice for

establishing operations in the Region. Proximity to the Indian subcontinent

also not only gives access to a market of over 1 billion people but the ability

to benefit from an increasingly talented and competitive labor supply.

The pursuit of excellence has resulted in one of the best infrastructure

facilities in the world. State of the art telecommunications, reliable power,

modern schools and healthcare are all attracting an increasingly

multi-cultural and highly trained workforce. The Government projects a doubling of

population by the year 2010. Luxurious living, the finest cuisine and world class

shopping are now the hallmarks of Dubai enjoyed by residents and visitors



Why Real Estate?


As the government has made it possible for foreign nationals to buy their

own piece of real estate by providing freehold ownership for investors, this

has become the most sought after investment option for both, people looking at

buying property for their own personal use as well as investors who seek to

get the maximum possible returns on their investment. Due to the tremendous

growth being witnessed in Dubai, the real estate sector is booming and it's

the early entrants who stand to gain the most. A few of the salient FAQs are

answered below:


Who can own real estate in Dubai?

UAE nationals as well as foreign nationals who are either already living in

Dubai or out of the country




From whom do I buy these properties?

Primary market - straight from the developers

Secondary market - from individuals or companies who have already invested

in units


What are the properties I can invest in and when do I get possession?

Residential units (apartments and villas) as well as units for commercial

use. If one invests in a property that is already completed, possession is

immediate. In case of units under construction, it would be anywhere between 12

- 18 months.


What is the Price Range?

Anywhere between AED 300,000 (studio apartments) to AED 10 million or above

(super luxury villas). Some companies from India like Lokhandwala,

Hirnandani have also taken large plots in Dubai and started construction .


What are the financing options?

Residents in Dubai who have been living here for a minimum of 6 months to a

year (dependent on requirements of individual banks) can obtain mortgage

financing at attractive interest rates.


Do I get a visa on purchase of a property?

Yes, an investor gets a residence visa that entitles him or her to stay in

the UAE on purchase of a property. This visa is renewable every 5 years.

Can I rent out my property?



What makes Real Estate in Dubai a brilliant investment option?

Quite simply, there are very few investment options available that give

such a remarkable return on investment. Real Estate is appreciating at a rate

upwards of 15% every few months. In the case of some of the more prestigious

projects, it even goes up to 50% at times due to the huge demand.


Why Accord Management Consultants?

With an in-depth knowledge of the Dubai Real Estate market and trends, we

can help you identify the projects that are bound to appreciate the most. We

guide you to the perfect investment option within your budget that will

maximize your returns. We can help you rent out your apartment or help you sell it

any given point in time. In short, we provide a long term association that

will help maximize your return on investment.

Accord Management Consultants also helps you set up your own business in

Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and the rest of UAE . UAE is exempted from most quotas

for export to US and other markets and you stand a better chance of using the

UAE office address and bank account.


Except for July, August, September, October , UAE has a very good climate

and with no taxes and a large expat population in business , you will find it

very conducive for any trade.It is also quite easy to arrange any trade

finance for your needs in UAE as banks are flushed with funds .


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support email forwarder.


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