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Doctors Without Borders aid the suffering
Back in 1971, a small group of French doctors was winding up its work in Biafra, the devastated and famine-stricken scene of the bloody Nigerian civil war. Providing medical relief there had sometimes been a tragically frustrating job. The experience left the doctors determined to find a better way to respond to health emergencies. What they wanted was a way for physicians to minister to suffering victims, unhampered by political, economic and religious factors. Out of that resolve came Medecins sans frontiers (MSF) known in English as Doctors Without Borders.

Today, this is the world's largest independent, international medical relief organization. MSF maintains 5 operational centers in Europe and 14 national sections throughout the world, including 1 in Canada.
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A Canadian, Dr. James Orbiski, is currently president of the MSF International Council, which has its headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. The organization has a threefold mission. First, it supplies emergency relief in place where medical infrastructure does not exist or is unable to cope with the crisis. Second, it conducts medical research, mass vaccination and other public health programs in developing countries. Third, it serves as the voice of the afflicted, speaking out about the plight of the people it helps.

MSF's operating principle is to provide help to all who need it regardless of race religion, politics or gender. Fulfilling that pledge require a measure of sturdy independence. This is why MSF seeks donations from international agencies, private foundations and the general public. Since 1991, MSF volunteers have served in Rwanda, Bosnia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Liberia, Angola, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Colombia and elsewhere. They have responded to human-caused and natural disasters-everything from shooting wars and the collapse of civil order to epidemics, famines and floods. The Kosovo crisis brought the organization into action again. To volunteer for service, make a donation or learn more about the work of MSF,


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