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Ghana among other countries has been listed by the British Airways as one of the top destination countries to visit in 2015.

In a release issued on Tuesday by British Airways on their website, it said Ghana was recommended together with other countries including Belgium, Brazil, Britain, Croatia, and Malaysia.

It added Ghana today offers a seductive mish-mash of 19th-century architecture and increasingly interconnected citizens.

British Airways clearly stated that, Ghana in July 2015 sees the return of Panafest, Ghana’s biennial festival for pan-African culture. Big, brash and well attended; Panafest will include a parade of chiefs in full regalia and cultural events at the region’s castles and forts.

The release also cited cities like Bangkok, Berlin, Bogota, London, Seattle, and Seville, beaches like, Barbados, Canada, Greece, Malaysia and Sardinia and adventures as Egypt, South Africa, UAE, and USA as places to places to visit this year.

It said some flight terms and conditions associated to these destinations include the fact that these are the lowest adult return prices to selected destinations including taxes, fees and carrier charges available in this period, based on a 7-day return journey.

“Prices and availability are updated every 24 hours. Seat availability may be extremely limited at the prices quoted, and some fares may include journeys that involve connecting flights or services operated by our airline partners”, it added.

ATA speakers prepare for presentation at Elmina Castle on ATA World Congress Host Country Day. Photo by Muguette Goufrani.


“A country of brotherhood, where all success shall be founded on service, and honour shall be given to the deserving.”


The New Ghana

Excertps from the Accra Mail, March 7, 2006


Kofi Agyepong and Attiku Iddrisu

"Oh God, grant us the vision of our country, fair as it might be, a country of righteousness, where none shall wrong his neighbour, a country of plenty where evil and poverty shall be done away with, a country of brotherhood, where all success shall be founded on service, and honour shall be given to the deserving, a country of peace where Government shall rest on the will of the people and love for the country.

Bless the efforts of those who struggle to make this a living reality. Inspire and strengthen our people that they may give time, thought and sacrifice to speed the day of the coming beauty of Ghana and Africa." The above is Parliament's prayer which the President of Ghana, John Agyekum Kufuor used to round up his Independence Day speech yesterday as Ghana celebrated her 49th year of nationhood.

The President encouraged all Ghanaians to reflect on the prayer throughout the year as the country prepares to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.

Speaking on the theme "Developing and Retaining Quality Human Resource Base", President Kufuor asked Ghanaians to strive to overcome the problems like tribalism, excessive political partisanship, religious intolerance, cynicism, apathy and indiscipline that confront the nation.

"I wish to make a fervent appeal to all sectors of our society, including religious and traditional authorities, the various tribes, the political parties and indeed everybody else, to put aside all recrimination and seek true reconciliation", he said.

"If fellow feeling", the President told his compatriots, "becomes the basis of all that we do, our 50th anniversary of independence will mark a fresh beginning and rebirth of our nation and see us as worthier citizens of the motherland".

He noted that to be able to achieve the country's aims in her 50th anniversary next year, all citizens must commence the preparation for the jubilee with a sober reflection on the goals of independence, and how far the nation has progressed since that momentous time in history.

Explaining the basis for independence, the President said the first goal of independence was to provide the citizenry freedom and justice, and guarantee their human rights under the national constitution.

He said independence was also to enable government to implement programmes and policies to enhance the material and spiritual well-being of the nation and its people.

"The constitution enjoined democratic practice and evolutionhe government was to be accountable and the people were to be responsible. None was to be above the law", he said.

President Kufuor said along the way due to internal problems as well as difficult challenges of the Cold War era, the country suffered the fate that befell many newly-independent African Countries.

This he said had undermined the national economy and dislocated the provision of basic social services and the needed infrastructure.

He said the search for an enduring solution to the national disillusionment has led conclusively to giving primacy to the country's human resource development.

"Sustained and accelerated national development depends squarely on Human Resource Development.

Relative to our stage of development, Ghana has generally done well with the output from her formal education system even though the technical and vocational schools have not been given due attention"

This he said is now being corrected through the New Educational Reform Policy. President Kufuor said there are a lot of challenges facing human resource development, and "though it is generally agreed that major contributory factors to brain drain have been poor conditions of work, we must always remember that, if Ghanaians do not spearhead and sustain the development of their nation, nobody else will do it for them".

He said since 1992 that the country opted for democratic governance based on the rule of law; Ghana is emerging as a strong nation with steadily-growing institutions of governance.

"The rule of law is fast gaining in strength. There are strong and vibrant media and increasing civil society participation in governance.

The private sector is gradually but surely assuming its proper role as a critical partner to the public sector for the development of the country and the economy is stable and ready for accelerated growth".

The President said to sustain and maintain this healthy direction, a relationship of mutual respect must be established across political lines within the body politic. "The chief mechanism for functional democracy is dialogue and debate.

But, when these time-tested ways do not yield consensus, then, majority decision must hold sway, this the President said constitutes the main foundation of democratic governance.

President Kufuor urged Ghanaians to be proud of their country though there are lots more to be achieved.

"In the mean time, there is much to be proud of. The four successive and successful elections which have been held since 1992 must be acknowledged.

The recent submission of the country to the African Peer Review Mechanism, the economic recovery and the general peace and stability within the nation are all positive benchmarks which the world attests to", the President said.

He also urged Ghanaians to show a greater awareness of their collective achievements so far.

President Kufuor announced that the theme for Ghana's 50th anniversary celebration which will start in January 2007 is "The new Ghana: Championing Africa's Excellence".

This he said poses a challenge to Ghana to resume her place of leadership and together with other sister countries, work towards political stability and economic growth of the African continent.

Present at the ceremony were traditional rulers, members of parliament and ministers of state, members of the diplomatic corps and the general public.