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Day-to-day itinerary

Option 1:

This is the most popular route for those visiting Ethiopia - the 'Cradle of Mankind'. See a range of fabulous constructions, such as the enchanting castles in Gondar and the incredible rock-hewn churches of Lalibela (one of the Eighth Wonders of the World). Be amazed by the thundering Blue Nile Falls (this is actually during the rainy season) and enjoy a boat trip on the splendid Lake Tana for island monasteries. Aside from the awe inspiring constructions at each of these sites, you'll be able to take in a fine blend of scenic delights, natural history and you'll get to know the charming Ethiopian people.

Day 01: Arrive Addis Ababa at Bole International Airport and meet with us for transfer to hotel

Day 02: After an early breakfast transfer to airport to fly to Bahir Dar (an hour flight) then the same day drive to the spectacular water falls called Blue Nile Falls (30kms from Bahir Dar) and city tour. Overnight hotel

Day 03: boat trip on Ethiopia's largest Lake called Tana for its middle age island monasteries.


Day 04: After breakfast drive 180 kms to Gondar, the 17th century capital of Ethiopia. King Fasiledous who still has a magnificent castle established in Gondar in 1636. Afternoon, visit the castle compound and the church of Debre Berhan Selassie for its awe-inspiring painting and, lastly, the Bath of king Fasiledous. Overnight hotel

Day 05: Morning transfer to Gondar Airport to catch a 30 unites flight to Lalibela, a site of the world wonder. Upon arrival drive 25 kms to the hotel situated in the center of Lalibela town. The same day visit the first group rock hewn churches excavated incredibly from a single massive rock in the end of 12 century. Overnight hotel

Day 06: AM horse/mule ride excursion to the nearby mountain for 13th century monastery of Asheton Mariam. While on top you will admire the 13th century rock hewn monastery and the awe-inspiring scenery. NB along the walking route you can visit various species of birds, flowers and plants. Afternoon, visit the second and third groups of the Lalibela churches situated against the sunset.

Day 07: AM transfer to Lalibela airport for a 45 minute flight to Axum. In Axum, you will visit the age-old stele park, the house of the Ark of the Covenant, the St. Mary Cathedral, the ruin palace of Queen Sheba, the inscription of the 4th century king, the archeological museum and the early kings' tombs. Overnight hotel

Day 08: fly to Addis Ababa. Overnight hotel

Day 09: Departure

The same day city tour of Addis Ababa; Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia. It is also recognized as the seat of the African Union since 1960s. Hence, we take you to the fascinating attractions of the city. The tour includes the National & ethnographic museums, the colorful market. Evening transfer to airport for departure! End of the tour

Enjoy your trip!!

Option 2:

During this tour; it would be facile to portray South Omo as some kind of living Museum. Four of Africa's major linguistic groups are represented in the region, including the Omotic-speakers. All in all, depending on where one draws the lines, as many as two dozen different tribes occupy South Omo, some numbering tens of thousands, others no more than 500, each one of them culturally unique. In addition, you cross the part of the Great Rift Valley which is endowed with the abundant wildlife. This is the itinerary for adventure lovers as you will drive through the off-roads and staying in bushes.

Camping in the remote part of the world (Omo Valley) is a life time memorable experience wondering the spectacular natural beautify.

Day 01: Arrive Addis Ababa at Bole International Airport and meet with us for transfer to hotel

Day 02: After breakfast, transfer by road to Awassa, via the Rift Valley Lakes of Ziway, Abiata and Shala. All of these lakes support massive concentrations of water birds. The lakes scenery is spectacular. Wildlife is abundant. Overnight hotel

Day 03: After an enjoyable morning continue driving to the famous lakes side town of Arbamich. En route visit the villages of Sidama, Oromo, Wolayta and Dorzie tribes. Overnight Hotel

Day 04: Morning drive to Nech Sar for game viewing & birding. Afternoon make a boat trip on Lake Chamo for crocodiles, hippos & aquatic bird species. Overnight same

Day 05: After breakfast drive to Konso where colorfully costumed dress, impressive terracing of the Land and unusually engraved wooden statues used as grave markers can be seen. Further along the route visit the Woito people live in the area around Woito River and Tsemay village. Continue driving to Jinka for overnight hotel

Day 06: Drive in to Mago National Park. On this day drive further to Mursi villages. The Mursi are well known for the large clay discs that the women wear, inserted in their slit lower lips. Mursi men wear very little, although a cotton wrap is becoming more and more common. Overnight camping at Mago National Park &endash; FB

Day 07: After break fast drive to Korcho village to visit Karo tribe (The Karos are famous for tattooing and scaring). Afternoon, continue driving to Turmi. Overnight camping

Day 08: visit the Hammer market at Dimeka or Turmi. Overnight camping

Day 09: Morning drive 75 km to Omorate (boarder with Kenya) to visit the Dasenech (Geleb) tribe with their village after crossing the Omo river by small boat. Omo River drains to Lake Turkana. Then drive back to Turmi. Overnight Camping

Day 10: Drive to Arbaminch (about 300 kms). On the way we will have stops at Erbore and Konso tribes who are also a must to be seen. Overnight hotel

Day 11: Drive to Addis Ababa (500 km - asphalt road) through the Great Rift Valley lakes and scenic beauty. Evening dinner party then transferred to airport for departure. End of the Tour!

Enjoy your trip!!

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