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Editor's Comments: Advertising in Africa Travel Magazine's Ethiopia Edition includes a full year on ATA Website which is a winner, ranking #1 in many searches on Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. This site is also what therindustry insiders call a "sticky site,” with visitor sessions averaging well over 10 minutes for most of the last year. That's a huge advantage in these days of short attention spans. This web page has links to more information on Ethiopia, and lays the groundwork for our exciting Roads to Success program, Fam Tours during the Ethiopian Millennium Celebration and our souvenir editions. Check the advertising section.

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: Recommended accommodation and services from our advertisers and sponsors. (details)

Addis Ababa: The Capital, with over 90 embassies and a state of the art UN Conference Centre attracts world class events. (details)

Airline Map: Getting to Ethiopia via the country's national airline. (details)

Airlines: Bringing Africa Together. Ethiopian Airlines, the international carrier that's winning friends and influencing people. (details)

Airports: Nationwide expansion sets stage for tourism (details

Art and Sculpture: Tekle, Ethiopia's Artist Laureate. (details)

Coffee: History of coffee growing and customs in Ethiopia (details)

Ethiopia's Holy Route: Lalibela, the Holy City (details); Gondar, Ethiopia Camelot (details); Bahir Dar and Lake Tana (details); Harar and Dire Dawa. (details); A sample tour itinerary by Abay Travel. (details)

Ethiopian Journey: Fascinating tourism destination.(details)

Fashions: Gigi- a rising star on the Fashion Horizon. (details)

Great Causes: People helping people in so many ways. (details)

Hospitality: Our 'Days of Wine and Roses' in Ethiopia's Capital. (details)

Hotels and Resorts: Places to stay in Ethiopia include (Ghion Hotels) a government hotel chain in Addis Ababa and other cities; the Hilton Addis, official hotel for the ATA Jubilee; Lal Hotels in Lalibela and Woldiya; the elegant Sheraton Addis, and two vintage hotels recommended by our friend John Graham. New hotel and resort development. (details)

Impressions: A group of North American journalists visit Ethiopia; their first and lasting impressions. (details)

Jubilee Memories: Helen Broadus profiles the ATA 25th Jubilee Congress in Ethiopia. (details)

Judaic Traditions: Two Israeli film makers portray Ethiopia's Jewish community. (details)

Newsmakers: We profile the inventor of Ethiopian Tourism. (details)

Photo Gallery: Links to photos taken before, during and following Ethiopia's biggest tourism event ever. (details)

Royal Legacy: Emperor Hailie Sellasie's legacy, the palace, royal rail cars and Lion of Judah engine. (details)