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Hon. Yusuf Abdullahi Sukkar
Commissioner for Tourism, Republic of Ethiopia.

Jubilee Profiles of other leaders in ATA

His Excellency Yusuf Abdullali Sukkar has held the distinguished position of Commissioner, Ethiopian Tourism Commission, since 1997. He has received many honors and awards for his distinguished career in the Ethiopian Government and was recently elected as a Member of the Board of Directors of the Africa Travel Association. He attended Haile Selassie University in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and graduated with a BA., as an Economics major with a minor in Public Administration.

He later achieved an MA in Economics, specializing in economic development and public finance from the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is presently the Board Chairman of the Development and Hotel Company (Addis Ababa Hilton), Ghion Hotel Enterprise and Wabi Shebelle Hotel enterprise
. His major duties include: initiation of tourism policies and laws, as well as the follow up of their implementation; publicizing the country's diverse resources of tourism attractions; and encouraging the development of tourist facilities, and setting standards for the same.

Prior to his current position, he held several government sector positions including General Manager of the Office of Wages and Other Remuneration. In this capacity he was directly responsible for the elaboration of a national system of wages and incentives fund, formulation and regulations for the public sector of the economy; elaboration of a system of job specifications, job evaluations, and job classifications as well as the projection of national wages scales. He focused on the elaboration of systems of work organization, work determinations and payment of results, with the overall objective of producing a more equitable distribution of income and enhancing economic development. 

He served as the Head of the Mobilization of Financial Resources Division and Acting Head of the Finance and Budget Department of the Planning Commission Office, head of the Budget Department in the development through Cooperation Campaign, and was an Associate Expert in the Department of Development Programming of the Planning Commission Office of the Ethiopian Government