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Allow time for photo  animations to load.Africa in One Country
Cameroon is many lands in one
. When our host, the Hon. Pierre Hele, Minister of Tourism for the Republic of Cameroon, invited us on a special media tour of his exciting country, few realized what great tourism potential was waiting like an unopened gift. Being travel agents and media professionals from the USA and Canada, many of us had read tourism brochures, which used the line "Africa in One Country." We soon discovered that the statement was quite true in many respects, especially with the diversity of cultures and landscapes we encountered. While we originally expected to fly around the country from place to place, we found that the main highways were paved and in good condition, thus most of 10 day tour leading up to pre Christmas festivities at the Yaounde Hilton and two local churches, was an overland journey.

The landscape and points of interest changed so often, every few hours, there was always a new sight or sound to draw one's attention. The final leg of our journey, from Yaounde to the Northern City of Maroua, was by Cameroon Airlines. From here, we visited a village near the border with Chad and stayed overnight at Waza National Park, close to the Nigerian border. I will cherish every moment of my time in Cameroon, and cannot thank our hosts enough. continued

Worldwide Publicity for Cameroon
The Africa Travel Association was featured on BBC World Service in London. A BBC World Service Radio interview featured the ATA 5th Ecotourism, Commerce & Investment Symposium in Yaounde, Cameroon. Executive Director Mira Berman was interviewed at BBC's New York studios prior to the event. The second part of the program took included a telephone interview with the Secretary General of the Cameroon Ministry of Tourism . We enjoyed our travels in Cameroon to the fullest as a learning experience and an example of African hospitality at its best. We encourage you to visit this fascinating country during the International Year of Ecotourism, and make plans to attend the ATA 29th International Congress in Douala, May, 2004.

About Cameroon
With a population comprising more than two hundred and fifty ethnic groups having traditions dating a thousand years back, a biodiversity characterized by forest, savannah and mountains, the richest and most diversified fauna, Cameroon has an enormous ecotourist potential. There are four sites which are really worth mentioning : the Dja Forest Reserve, the Korup National Park, the Limbe Botanic Garden and Ebodje.