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The Cameroon Story
Grand Tour Preview by Jerry W. Bird

Our editors' travels in Cameroon over the past four years have provided the background for an exciting Grand Tour Edition, to be launched in September 2004 and updated every several months with mass distribution during our association's 2005 Jubilee Year. The tour outlined below was conducted for North American media and travel agents by the Republic of Cameroon Ministry of Tourism under the direction of Tourism Minister, Hon. Pierre Helé. This will be one of the recommended Grand Tour itineraries we are planning for future packages sponsored by Africa Travel Magazine, participating ATA Chapters and partners in tourism on both sides of the Atlantic. Other tour segments are being organized, and will be outlined in the new Grand Tour Edition.


Day One
Departure from Yaounde for the South West Province (in the afternoon) with a stop over at Edea.

Arrival in Limbe, check in, diner and night in Limbe.

Day Two
City tour: Botanic and zoological garden, beaches, 1999 lava flow at Bakingili.

Debuntseha, departure for Buea via Tole Tea plantations; city tour of Buea : Prime

Minister's lodge, Bismarck fountain; Lunch, continuation of city tour; Mount Cameroun

Project. Departure for Douala in the afternoon with stop over in Tiko: Agri-tourism

Arrival) in Douala; City tour, check-in diner; eve of the Ngondon festival; Night in Douala.

Day Three

Ngondo Festival in Douala; diner and night in Douala

Day Four

Early flight to Maroua; arrival in Maroua; check-in into hotel; Lunch. Excursion to Pouss, fantasia, different cultural dances; return to Maroua; diner and night in Maroua.

Day Five

Departure for Rhumsiki; Lunch at Rhumsiki. Continuation to Waza through col de coza.

Arrival at Waza, check-in into hotel; diner and night at Waza.

Day Six

Visit to Waza, visit Waza National Park. Departure for Maroua via Oudjilla; diner and night in Maroua.

Day Seven

Early Departure for Garoua (Airport)

Departure for Yaounde. Lunch in Yaounde. Continuation to Bamenda (by road) in the North West Province with a stopover at the Banjoun Chiefs palace. Arrival in Bamenda

Early in the evening; check-in into hotel; diner and night in Bamenda.

(North West Province)

Day Eight

Excursion to the Palace of the Fon of Bafut and departure for Founban in the West Province; Lunch; cultural dances; visits : the palace of the king of the Bamuns, an eventual stopover at Ekom Nkam waterfalls. Assessment and exchange of views.

(diner). Departure for the airport. Departure and end of Educational tour. Return flight at 10:45 p.m.


H.E. Pierre Hele

Ebenezer Elimbi

Jean Npombo

Boniface Piga

Editor's Comment: In addition to the Hon. Minister Hele, we thank our tour supervisors Ebenezer Elimbi, Jean Npombo and Boniface Piga. They were great companions throughout my 30 days in the country. Our travels in Cameroon will eventually be compiled in a book that will help future travelers from North America enjoy this fascinating country to the fullest. It was a month we will treasure forever, and even as time passes, the images and voices of Cameroon have not faded one iota - they've become even more vivid in the theater of my mind. What I truly love about the many Cameroonians whom I've come to know - is that to a person, they "Accentuate the Positive."


Jerry W. Bird is President of ATA Canada Chapter, Editor and Publisher of Africa Travel Magazine, and Webmaster for the ATA site He is also Publisher of Air Highways Magazine, the Journal of Open Skies, featuring aviation, tourism, transportation and business worldwide. His career began with the Edmonton Journal Daily Newspaper, and expanded into the full spectrum of media - radio, television, magazines and Internet. He has won international awards for creativity in audio visual and print production.