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Member of the ATA Canada Chapter for Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Africa Adventures and Study Tours provides travellers with an extensive collection of high-quality yet affordable travel programs to Morocco, Mali and Ethiopia. Our long-standing connections with local people, cultural institutions and travel professionals in the above countries will gain you special access and make your trip remarkable. Click brochure image for blow up version. For full details, visit: http://www.africaadventures.ca

Meet the company principals

President / CEO
Yue Chi

Ms Yue Chi was born in Beijing in the early 1960's and was brought up in the Russian-influenced city of Harbin, in China's most northern province. During the upheaval of the Cultural Revolution (1966-76), her family of academics and business executives was relocated to a remote village for "re-education". As a result, her memories of childhood are framed by images of endless fields of soybean, snow-covered mud houses, horse-drawn carts and the Northern star casting ghost like shadows over piles of red sorghum stems.

As China recovered from the political turmoil in the late 1970's and the educational system was re-born, Ms. Chi, in 1980, won a much-prized placement to major in History at Nankai University in Tianjin, a port city 2,000 miles from her home. In 1984, she qualified for post-graduate studies at Beijing University, where she also received a teaching appointment in the History Department after receiving her Masters' Degree in History.

Beijing University is the largest, oldest and most liberal university in China, and as such, attracted many foreign students, scholars and visitors. Yue, driven by her eagerness to connect with the outside World, was instrumental in establishing an educational program for foreigners, the "Chinese History and Culture Seminar at Beijing University", to give visitors an appreciation for Chinese language, history, literature, art, cuisine, music and lifestyle, far beyond anything that could be gathered through normal tourist activities.

Since coming to North America in 1989, Yue has made a career of designing, promoting and o