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"Three Cheers for Governors Camp." - Masai Mara,Kenya," plus “Zanzibar Welcome” and “Angola Diamond Fields” by Muguette Goufrani, plus" "Cape to Pretoria” by Rovos Rail.

Etihad Guest soars to 100,000 membership mark
Business Travel to Soar by 2015 e

..Flight to the Land of Diamonds
It is common knowledge that when you mention diamonds and Angola in the same sentence, people are all ears and their eyes grow wider. This beautiful, bountiful country ranks high on the world scene for this precious gem in addition to its rich oil reserves. Host Country Day, Wednesday November 2 began with a flight via Fokker 50 to the Province of Lunda Sul Saurimo, organized by the National Diamond Company, Endiama E.P. The day's activities included a meeting with H.E. the Governor of Lunda Sul and a presentation of the Catoca project by the PCA of Endiama. ATA delegates then visited a hydro electric dam project, and the diamond mine and plant facilities at Catoca. Members stayed overnight in the area, returning to Luanda the following morning. (Continued)

Trekking Uganda's "Mountains of the Moon" by Cam McLeay

Wild Dogs - Thanda of South Africa Achieves Another First

Ghana: New educational system
The government has introduced a new educational system which is aimed at developing a highly skilled and disciplined workforce to help the country's growing economy. The system will extend the duration of both the junior and senior secondary schools from three to four years starting from September 2007. The system is expected to advance the literacy rate in the country by nearly 100 percent by 2015. The head teacher of General Art at O'reilly Secondary School in Accra, Mr. Kwamena Edomu told ADM that the new system will create more room for students to improve themselves and also complete all their syllabuses before their final examinations. He noted that in the current system of three-year duration, the students and teachers do not have enough time to prepare and therefore they always have to struggle in completing the syllabus before their examinations.

Mr. Edomu recommended that the syllabuses should remain unchanged so that the students will be in a position to groom themselves very well for the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination. He however pointed that the system would face a number of challenges and difficulties including the burden on parents to pay extra fees for their children to complete the added year, the paucity of teachers and inadequate teaching facilities, including classrooms. Mr. Edomu said senior secondary school (SSS) students will have to wait for one year after their completion before they can enter university.He said the government would have to build more classrooms to accommodate the students who will be staying for the extra year and would also have to recruit more teachers to take up the added classrooms.
Accra Mail (Ghana), by Cephas Larbi

The long search for a concessionaire to run the railway systems in Uganda and Kenya is now over, with a South African led consortium beating India Railways, Magadi Soda and Maersk into second place. The concession will earn the two governments 1 Million Dollars per annum in fixed fees and an 11.1 percent revenue component over the next 25 years. It is understood that this is nearly twice as good an offer as their remaining competitor had put into the bid papers. Take over date is set for 01st April 2006. The two countries expect substantial investment in coming years into a rail track upgrade, rehabilitation of rolling stock and operational improvements to make railway traffic once again a feasible alternative to road transport. The new operator name will be 'Rift Valley Railways

Medical Tourism in South Africa .

Malawi: Livingstone and Stanley itineraries
Wild Dogs - Thanda of South Africa Achieves Another First
South Africa Spring Tour with The Cultural Explorer .
Virtual Concierge for Holiday Inn (R) Hotels & Resorts
Incentive Travel is Big Business..
Corinthia Atlantic Welcomes ATA to The Gambia:
Award Winning, Search Leading African Website
|Good Health for Travelers at Home and Away

Lesotho- Morija Art & Tourism Conference
Ngondo Festival in Douala
East Africa-
Safari Classic Rally Winners

Angola's Riches Story: Download from our Preview Section.

Magical Kenya Grand Tours and Safaris
No Hollywood movie could ever match the real thing. In the theater of my mind, the most vivid image I have of the legendary Masai Mara, was standing like a sentinel, gazing out over the endless grasslands, while our 4wd ambled slowly along the trail. Spotting many varieties of wildlife and birds was quite a challenge. One could easily notice the larger and taller creatures milling about - giraffes, buffalo and elephants. But from our vantage point to the far horizon, I could just imagine how many thousand other creatures were hidden from human view. These denizens of the Masai Mara could leap and bound out of the tall grass at any moment -- wild boars, hyenas, graceful gazelles, a flock of guinea hens - you name it. Lions and cheetahs are prevalent, plus zebra, wildebeest, water-bucks, eland and topic. CONTINUED

World Time Travel Calculator
A must-have for any traveler, boasting a world time alarm clock, calendar, calculator and more! This digital clock will tell time in 16 different time zones

'MALAYSIAN INTEREST IN HOSPITALITY SECTOR. A group of Malaysian investors, led by the Ugandan Consul General Mrs. Noraihan Hj. Mohamad Adnan has recently visited Uganda to explore investment opportunities in the hotel industry and other sectors of the economy. Malaysia and Uganda enjoyed intensified relations since Uganda hosted the 'Smart Partnership Dialogue' in Kampala in 2001, which is a brainchild of the former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahatir.

MOMBASA PORT INTRODUCES NEW MASTERPLAN. A high powered delegation led by the KPA chairman Gen. (rtd) Joe Kibwana and the KPA CEO Mr. Brown Ondego recently met the Uganda business community at the Sheraton Kampala Hotel to introduce the new master plan layout for the development of East Africa's most important sea harbour. The tourism sector in particular was keen to learn about the new passenger terminal facilities, KPA proposes to put up, in order to attract more cruise line calls. Cruise tourism is high value business and the establishment of an Indian Ocean / East and South Africa cruise circuit is now high on the agenda of the tourism sectors in East Africa


The 'classic' version of this eye-catching event will be held between December 01 &endash; 10 this year and again bring the big names of yesteryear in rallying to their former stomping grounds. Bjorn Waldegaard will meet former rival Juha Kankkunen with many others joining them over the 4.200 KM long course across the most scenic parts of East Africa.

&endash; stand by for more updates in coming weeks as this saga unfolds across the border.


East African Wild Life Society
Protecting endangered & threatened species & habitats.

Africa's Francophones
by Muguette Goufrani

Heaven is a Hotel in Zanzibar
Emerson & Green's famous retreat in Stone Town.

Moevenpick Hotel Bur Dubai. New Alternative Location
for conferences and exhibitions

"Use Tourism in the War On Poverty"
World Tourism Organization urges Leaders

Historical Flashback.
From the Mountains of the Moon to the Rwenzori

Photo Safari- A Popular Facet of Ecotourism
Wildlife Photo Library.

Pioneers Awards at Adventure Travel World Summit

Partnerships Flourish Between Africa and Canada
Opportunities for African Tourism to exhibit in key cities.

New Travel Technology Partnership
Putman Travel Signs on With Worldspan

Mali Presents West Africa's Great Cultural Events
Festival of the e Desert, 9 Jan. 9-16, 2006
Festival of Segou on Niger River, Jan. 29 - Feb. 6,2006

Eventful Weddings and Honeymoons in Africa
Berber Wedding at Imilchil; Champagne Safari Wedding; Honeymoon on a Train; Gorillas Witness Wedding in Uganda; Heaven is a Hotel in Zanzibar;.
Following the Queen of Sheba's Footsteps
Eleven North American Journalists explore Ethiopia's Holy Route, starting at exotic Lalebela with its temples carved in stone.

Ethiopian - USA Trade Missions

The Eternal Challenge of Kilimanjaro
Your link to a series of articles on Africa's most popular mountain on this web site.

Lesotho, Africa's Mountain Kingdom in the Sky
One of the few remaining monarchies in Africa and for the local Basotho, traditions are an integral part of their daily lives.

A Visit to the Ancient Town of Gedii, Kenya
A short drive from Mombassa, Gedi was founded in the late 13th or early 14th century

Africa Travel Explores the Great Historic Cities of Morocco
Following the ATA Symposium in Fez, we journeyed to Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech, Essouira and Agadir.

Timbuktu is Center of Mali's Unique Cultures
On the ancient cross Sahara caravan route.

Yearbook Features Grand Safaris in Magical Kenya
From Amboseli and the Lake Country to Masai Mara and Mombasa

East Africa Women Business Leaders Conference
Nairobi, October 13-14, 2005

Nigeria Presents Black History Month 2006
See the itinerary by Webisco Travel

Miracle Corners Songea Community Village
A great example of US and African youth in action in Tanzania.

Wonz Dar Adventure Team in Ethiopia
Exploring the White Nile's Wild Waters

Three Cheers for Governors Camp, Masai Mara
Photo of the three chefs epitomizes camp's hospitality

The African Diaspora Heritage Trail
Launched as a Self-Guided Tour in Bermuda

Volunteers for Africa in 2006.

Great Causes
National Coalition Homeless
African Cultural Alliance
Views of Historic Site
Mombasa Port Masterplan
Uganda Railway
Celebrity Guests
Bill Clinton Returns to Serena

Escape Winter:-
Mombasa's Great Beach Resorts
Mission Africa-
Int'l Council of Tourism Partners

Corinthia Hotels: Travel Awards
Africa's Airlines and Airports
North American Airlines