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The Sarova Stanley Since 1902

The Sarova Stanley has had 3 owners and been renovated 3 times since its inception way back when Nairobi was little more than a Railway outpost sporting a few wood and tin buildings.


Mayence Bent was the original owner of what was then known as Stanley Hotel, which she started on Victoria Street (later Tom Mboya street) in1902. In 1905, she moved the hotel to larger premises on Government road (later Moi Avenue). In 1909,

Mayence and her new husband, Fred Tate whom she married a few years after her separation from her first husband, bought two corner sites located on Sixth Avenue and by 1913, the Tate's New Stanley opened on the hotel's present location.

The Block Family bought the hotel from Mayence Tate in 1947 although she still maintained financial interest. Her husband Fred had passed away in 1937, and much of Mayence's will to continue involving herself with the hotel's affairs and management was diminished with his death.

The Sarova Group bought it from Abraham Block and family in 1978.


A major reconstruction and overall beautifying of the hotel took place in 1932 under the watchful eye of Fred and Mayence Tate.

In 1958 most of the hotel structure was demolished and rebuilt in line with Jack and 'Tubby'- Abraham Block's two sons - plans for massive improvements for the hotel.

After operating the hotel under the name The New Stanley for about 20 years, The Sarova Group undertook a massive rehabilitation worth about US$ 20 million in 1998/99. The management had resolved that the hotel would revert to its original name, The Sarova Stanley, and so it stands today.