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Daniel Dunn of the Western Cape, South Africa:
Tour Guide in the Spotlight

Daniel Dunn"One of the most valued friendships we've enjoyed in recent years, occured during our May 2001 visit to South Africa, while in the company of Daniel (Dan) Dunn of Cape Town. During four great days of dawn to dusk touring by minivan, Dan not only showed us many of the Cape area's top attractions, but added spice to the occasion by relating a wide variety of local facts and legends. In my opinion, the most intriguing stories involve Daniel's own family, a line which descended from John Dunn, whose story is related in a book by Charles Ballard. Excerpts from that book will appear on this web site and in coming editions of Africa Travel Magazine. We are sure you will enjoy it."
Muguette Goufrani


Daniel A. Dunn
Registered Tour Guide Specializing in South
Africa's Western Cape, KwaZulu Natal and Mpumalanga
Based in Cape Town. An active member and supporter
of the Africa Travel Association
Background Story on the Dunn Family of South Africa
A tour with Dann Dunn to Kagga Kamma

Tel./Fax 27 (0) 21 909 1500
Mobile 27 (0) 82 492 6307

e-mail dddunn@mweb/co/za

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Much more to come.

About South Africa:
- The rich diamond mines of Kimberley and gold discoveries on the Witwatersrand, changed South Africa virtually overnight, from a backward area into one of the world's richest countries.

- Archbishop Desmond Tutu's racial harmony message was, " Let us be channels of love, of peace, of reconciliation. Let us declare that we have been made for family, that, yes, now we are free, all of us, black and white together, we, the Rainbow People of God."

- The word Apartheid" stands for segregation of various races and separate development programs. Apartheid's core policy was created by British policies of the early 1900s.

- Much of South Africa's territory, beyond the metropolitan areas, seems almost empty. For example, great stretches of the Kalahari are virtually uninhabitable. Grazing lands and farms in the Karoo and Free State occupy vast areas. Settlements are spread sparsely along the watercourses.

Photos at top of page courtesy of Sellwyn Davidowitz, Tour Operator, I Love Capetown