Above photos courtesy of Ghion Travel and Tours, Addis Ababa. Copyright 2007 . Southern Area and Omo River Valley. Page 1 - Page 2


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Ghion Travel and Tours Plc

Owner Profile
Yoseph Getnet Teshale.

Background: 18 years in wildlife Management and Forestry and in tour operation activity. Has traveled frequently to all parts of the world to promote Ethiopian tourism.  Always ready to provide professional and friendly services to tourists coming to Ethiopia. B.S.C. in general agriculture, M.S.C Environmental service, major resource management.m M.S.C. Business administration..

Our programs cover all parts of Ethiopia, from the traditional "Historic

route" to tailor made trips through the Omo valley, from trekking in the

Simien, Surma and Bale mountains to rafting in the Omo, Awash and Blue Nile

rivers, from expeditions to the Danakil Depressions to the Gambella and Nuer

regions. Tour services can also be effectively extended to the neighbouring

countries of Ethiopia.

We provide services of very large scopes such as:

- Tourism for holidays( from range of 2 days to 30 dyas)

- Business tourism( like conference, trade exchange, business meeting)

-Education pupose

-Study/research purpose such as paleoantropological studies, nature studies,

plant studies.

-Adventure tours

-Bird watching tours (Ornithological tours)

-Photo and hunting safaris

-water rafting on Omo, Abay, Awash rivers

-Hotel and air ticket reservation

-Car rental service


For further information please visit our websites: www.ghiontour.com and

www.ghiontourandsafari.com. We can also send you our brochures, CD and

leaflets by mail and any information through discs and videocassette



With best regards,

Yoseph Getnet

General Manager


Tel: 00251-11-5505566/5505657

Fax: 00251-11-5505656/2794770

E-mail: ghiontrave@ethionet.et



p.o.Box: 25504 code 1000

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



Under Construction. More to come.