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Our close ties with Magical Kenya are becoming even closer
by Jerry W. Bird

Jambo! As we prepare for a celebration that starts as early as this summer, with our magazine's first Advance Edition (left), plus bookings for Fam Trips and Tours to Kenya, before, during and following the ATA Jubilee Congress in May 2005, we have many friends to thank. A longtime ATA member who has helped our cause over many of the thirty years is Peter Muiruri (below) of Hotel and Adventure Travel in Nairobi. Peter helped organize the Best of Africa Tour that preceded ASTA's 2001 World Congress in Las Vegas. At my suggestion they held the launch in Vancouver, BC , Canada, where we live most of the year.
That's when I had the opportunity of hosting the Ministry of Tourism and an enthusiastic group of 30 Kenya Safari operators. Our "Kenya Safari Night" at Vancouver's Library Square, included a presentation to Travel Agents, an audio visual show, Masai Cultural Displays, prizes and a Safari Tour Package. The Kenya High Commissioner from Ottawa flew in the the occasion. The same format was repeated in Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles. We're ready for an encore, not only in Vancouver, but across Canada, winding up at the 15th Salon International de Voyage in Montreal this September. How about it? Well this is the time to make up for it.

Kenya Advance Edition (above) for ATA 30th Jubilee Celebrations
Jubilee Countdown starts in Summer 2004 and continues through to the Congress in Nairobi, Kenya, May 2005. Book early, as this issue will grow in size and scope as we get closer to the Congress date. Added distribution via national tourist offices, airlines, airports and embassies. (see two for one offer).
Looking back. My personal ties to Kenya go back even further, to my debut in the advertising agency business. Myself and other young people in the agency couldn't understand why our production manager "Bwana" Bob Johnson, always headed off to Nairobi once a year. The palne fares alone must have cost a month's salary or more. After all, it was a difficult flight all the way from from Western Canada, and the aircraft were much less comfortable than today's jumbo jetliners. But what did we know; our idea of a holiday in those days was a secluded beach in Hawaii, a drive to Helena, Montana, or down the coast to Disneyland. Perhaps a camping trip on the Alaska or Yellowhead Highway.

canada chapter eventsFast Forward. It took my first visit to East Africa as Africa Travel Magazine's editor in the 90s for me to understand why our older, somewhat wiser friend, was light years ahead of us in terms of a real vacation experience. I can now share the feeling of excitement that ignited Bob and the Johnson family for a full twelve months. Then, as always, he would once again board a jet at Calgary's McCall Field, headed for the faraway hills of Africa in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro. I am sure he spent some quality time on the Indian Ocean coast as well. So, you ask, why did it take me so long to catch on? When I did, my conversion from onlooker to a dedicated East Africa booster was literally overnight!.


Kenya's Big "Four"

When people think of Kenya, often times they thing of the Big Five - the top prize game trophy's hunters used to go after on safari; lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo. But recently, Kenya has gaining fame for it's Big "Four" from golfing enthusiasts around the world. Surprising? Not really. Kenya has been growing its golf community since the early 1900's, expanding into locales that provide some of the most unique golf experiences in the world. Kenya is host to some of the best golf courses in Africa with incredible scenery, live hazards (not to mention sometimes dangerous) and some of the toughest courses in Africa. We've chosen four of the top courses in Kenya that shouldn't be missed while on safari.

MUTHAIGA GOLF CLUB - 6676 yards - par 71

Muthaiga is easily known as THE Championship Course in Kenya. Host to the annual Kenya Open (European PGA), the course boasts challenging holes, beautifully manicured greens and incredible flowering bushes that line almost every hole. With a spectacular course layout you are sure to be caught off guard by the fast greens and the many bunkers ready to gulp up your ball.

WINDSOR GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB - 6751 yards - par 72

The Windsor is one of the most prestigious golf resorts in Kenya. Built on 200 acres of lush Victorian-style landscape, the club provides vacationers with excellent golfing and spectacular scenery. The course itself provides a gorgeous view of Mt. Kenya's snow capped peak; and is bordered by a coffee plantation and indigenous forest, which attracts hundreds of Sykes monkeys. The course claims the longest hole in Africa at 640 yards.

NYALI GOLF & COUNTRY CLUB - 6510 yards - par 71

The winds of Nyali are said to be the most treacherous hazard on the course. Located on Kenya's coast (not directly on the ocean), the winds off the Indian Ocean can cut strokes off your game or add several, so be prepared for a challenge. You will find it is worth it, with the course's gently rolling hills surrounded by the radiant Flame tree, it a course not to be missed.

LIMURU COUNTRY CLUB - 6519 yards - par 71

Golfers rave about how enjoyable golfing Limuru can be. The setting on tea plantations is lush and relaxing. The course is set at and elevation of 7000 feet, which provides for fresh air and soft green carpets of turf. Stay out of the sand traps; they are painfully deep.