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SUCCESS STORY of International Peace Through Tourism in Africa
Founder Louis D'Amore i

SUCCESS of Cameroon in World Tourism
Read Interview with Hon. Baba Hamadou, Minister of Tourism.



“Africa in the World of Aviation” includes Best of the 16th World Airline Routes Development Forum in Vancouver, plus our Supermap of Air and Marine Gateways in Africa's Big 5 Tourism Regions - North - Southern - Eastern - Western - Central

By Jerry W. Bird, Editor.
From my earliest experiences with rugged bush pilots in the far Yukon, to service in the Royal Canadian Air Force and close partnership with Transport Canada's vast Airport Network, flying has been in my blood. For over 15 years, I have flown to gateways across Africa; the most recent being
Banjul, The Gambia for the ATA 35th Annual Congress. Serendipity played its familiar role when we received “The World's major Airlines and Aircraft Companies” by David Wragg. This prompted a a series of book reviews, and an evaluation of Africa's airline industry past, present and future.Today so many airlines operate throughout the world, even the most knowledgeable enthusiast can soon become confused about which carrier flies from where to where. Our new issue will provide the answer.” From Cape to Cairo and Global Markets beyond.->Venues Index .Interview with our Editors->

Plus our ATA 35th Anniversary Tribute to Mira Berman, featuring her flashback,“Africa's Future is in the Air.”

By Mira Berman
ATA, which represents the hopes, desires, plans and potential of Africa's travel - tourism industry was born in 1975 and raised under the most trying political, social and financial conditions. Today's ATA continues to seek new markets, win new friends and open new doors. In Africa, recent years have signaled remarkable changes. Ranking high are new direct routes and realistic fares from New York and other USA gateways. In evaluating Africa's transportation scene, ATA members can be considered among the most astute judges of all. Since our launch in 1976 at a Congress in Nairobi, Kenya, ATA members have flown on every airline serving the continent and its offshore islands, and have boarded regional carriers that crisscross, this vast expanse of geography, linking dozens of emerging cities and towns. Some have gone by train, or enjoyed waterborne adventures along the coastline of two oceans, the majestic Mediterranean, or Africa's historic canals, lakes and rivers. More .

Selected Weekly Aviation News Articles and Items from Eastern Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands

By Prof. Wolfgang Thome

Each week on the dot, Dr. Thome provides the readers of Africa Travel Magazine with a detailed report which includes many timely items and articles on the airline industry and related transportation in that important area of the world. With string participation at the Routes Forum in Vancouver, These items will be more important than ever. Above photo: Mrs. Esther Thome with Actor Forest Whittaker, star of “The Last King of Scotland, based on the story of dictator Idi Amin..” Continued . Plase send us our comments.

Book Bonus: 16-Page Chapter from “To Timbuktu for a Haircut” by Rick Antonson, CEO of Tourism Vancouver, Routes 2010 Host City

Author Rick Antonson

Our editorial and tourism marketing team has worked closely with Rick Antonson, Vancouver's Ambassador of Tourism since the early 1990's. He appeared as a supporter and keynote speaker at several of our Air and Marine Tourism Conferences and Air Highway Days Events in Western Canada. Rick has s a special place in his heart of hearts for Africa - and it shows in this great new travel book.
A story you will never forget.

Edward Bergman team scores huge success with 5th Annual ATA Presidents' Forum
Venue: New York University. Latest Update

ATA 35th Africa Congress, Gambia summary.
Air Highways a nd Transportation Update
SATH World Congress Cruise, Jan. 2011
Perfectly , Privately, Pemba
TTB Award at Houston Worldfest
Culinary Tourism World Summit, Halifax, Sept. 19, 20
Boeing Partners with AFRICAN Airlines


Another Bonus Book Review in this issue! West Africa's international Culinary Tourism Superstar Profile

Pierre Thiam:
ATA Partners with African Union, UNWTO
Senegal President Wade speaks on African Unification
Are Djibouti's Camel Caravans Worth Their Salt?
Benachir Akli: Supporter of ATA Events in Morocco
5 Star Corinthia Tripoli targets USA
ATA Benefits from MEDJET Partnership
Angola to Gabon, Cameroon & beyond

African Airline Industry Pilot Training and Development, Past, Present and Future

AFRAA a major partner with ATA
Flying Times to Johannesburg, SA.
Editor's Keynote Speech: Angels on my Shoulder
Fabulous Flight to The Gambia on Arik Airlines of Nigeria
Heard about South Africa's Exciti ng New Tartan?
Delta Flights between Ghana and the USA
Search Leaders for Africa Topics / Logo links
Tanzania News / National Parks / Doug Pitt
Your Home in Lisbon enroute to Angola
Zambia Weekly News - Gill Staden -Namibia - Caprivi
What is the Air and Marine Tourism Conference?
Self Made Man Who Retired in his 30s

Bonus Book Review! The World's Major Airlines and Aircraft Companies Profiles and Preview

Author David Wragg
Christmas Safari, Mafia, Selous & Ruaha
Ghana: Famous Ashanti Royalty
New Edition
Marketing Africa Tourism i n USA
10th Annual Tanzania Tourist Board Awards, Gambia
Abacus Vacations
Book your Uganda Tour with Us
Glenn Carroll of SA elected to ATA Director

Double Bonus! Why Support African Airlines? What's the value of a Cruise Industry and Marine Tourism Opportunities in Africa?

Lelei LeLaulu
Africa's Fashion Awards for 2010
Abuja Carnival West African Mardis Gras
Business Focus on Africa and Dubai
Or Exploration? Prof. Wolfgang Thome
Transportation Update on Northern Africa


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