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Bird Watching in Zambia


Zambia's national bird is the fish eagle, one of at least 740 different species of bird that it hosts. Some of which are on the IUCN'S list of endangered fowl., the shoebill, Wattled Crane and Salty Egret. The bird enthusiast will enjoy bird-watching bliss; the rainy season is an ornithologist's paradise. Flashes of brilliant scarlet can be seen in the tall grasses as Bishop Birds zip about in their breeding plumage. Migration into Zambia's subtropical zone is ideal not just for Plaleartic migrants but also those that originate from northern Africa (the Abdim Stork, for example

Bird life is abundant along Zambia's many riverbanks and islands. Siloka Island, in the middle of the Zambezi above the Falls, is a rich bird haven, 385 different species occur in the area around the Falls, including many many waterfowl, raptors, hornbills, flycatchers and bee-eaters. In Lochinvar National Park, a relatively small area of 410 sq. km, 428 species have been recorded including waders, ducks, waterfowl and unique woodland species. Other lavish bird sanctuaries re found in the Liuwa Plains, Nyika Plateau, and the Bangweulu Swamps.

Chete Island wildlife and bird sanctuary. Two islands, about 160 km upstream from the dam wall at Lake Kariba, form this isolated park and wildlife estate: Chete and Sekula. Safari camps have only recently been established and afford the wildlife enthusiast the untouched beauty of Zambezi Valley wildlife and surrounding scenery. There will be much more to come on this enjoyable aspect of travel in Zambia.

The Africa Travel Association in cooperation with the Zambia National Tourist Office, is providing the photos and information in this section on Zambia as a preview of what the hundreds of delegates from North America, other African countries and around the world can expect when they visit Zambia before, during and after this year's International Marketing Congress. From its National Parks and vast wilderness areas to the host cities of Lusaka and Livingstone, we know it will be an unforgettable journey and an outstanding event and learning experience. If you have items on any aspect of travel and lifestyle in Zambia, please send to


Above material and images have been supplied for use by the Africa Travel Association courtesy of the Zambia National Tourist Board


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