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Enzio Rossi of Lusaka, Zambia is President of the Africa Travel Association's Zambia Chapter and was Chairman of the ATA 27th International Congress in Conakry, Guinea. Born in Biella, Northern Italy in 1942, Mr. Rossi trained and worked in Italy, Switzerland and the British Isles before moving to Zambia in 1978. With a long career in the hotel and tourism industry, he is deeply committed to public service in the fields of health and education; to the Catholic church, and to the Italian community in Zambia. Rossi was appointed Cavaliere or "Knight of the Republic" by the President of Italy in 1994, and serves as Honorary Consul for Hungary. "Keep striving for service achievement," is his personal motto. Photo: Mr. Rossi (left) with Mira Berman, ATA Executive Director at 2002 ATA Congress.

Min i Map ZambiaZambia Tourism Profile: The name "Zambia" is derived from the Zambezi River, which forms the country's southern boundary, and flows down from its Northwest border with Angola. Other neighbors are Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Zambia is deep in the heart of Africa, a land of unspoiled forests, Savannah and vast plains. Zambia showcases the wonders of Africa with teeming wildlife, natural riches and a colorful culture. The 3 booklets on the left are available free from Zambia Tourism (contacts below)

While the capital city, Lusaka, has a population of over 2 million, you'll enjoy wide open spaces in most of the country, which has one of the lowest ratios of population to land in all of Africa, and an abundance of national parks. Zambia is about half the size of Europe - and is mainly a high plateau, with isolated mountain ridges rising to 6000 ft. or more. Much of the topography is flat, broken by small hills. Considerable mineral wealth lies in a 90 mile long Copper belt located in the northwest.
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Zambia's three great natural lakes are Lake Tanganyika, second deepest natural lake in the world, plus Bangweulu and Mweru. Lake Kariba on the southern border, the largest man made lake in Africa, flows from the historic, spectacular Victoria Falls .

Its generally high elevation provides Zambia with a more pleasant climate than that experienced in most tropical countries, with three basic seasons - cool and dry from May to August, hot and dry from September to November, warm and wet from December to April.

We thank the Zambian Ambassador to Ethiopia, whom we met at the recent ATA 25th Congress for the information on this page, which includes the large, attractive tourism map. Watch for more features on people, customs and culture, regional transportation and air connections from the USA and Canada. Featured above is the front cover of a brochure available from Ethiopian Airlines, which has regular scheduled flights to Zambia.
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