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Remembering Zambia's Historic Moment
by Muguette Goufrani

Rendezvous in Lusaka and Livingstone. Of all mail we've received in eight years at Africa Travel Magazine, and keepsakes from my career as travel professional in Africa and around the world, the beautifully engraved invitation below has special significance. Since our ATA 28th International Marketing Congress is being hosted by Zambia it was a timely reminder. It was from the Zambian Embassy inviting us to attend the country's official Independence ceremonies. We were living in Cote d'Ivoire at the time; I was with Air Afrique and my mother Suzanne worked for the US Embassy. We gratefully accepted Zambia's invitation and helped celebrate that landmark event in Africa's history. The hospitality we shared that day encouraged me to visit Zambia two years later. So, now it's time for an encore.

It was a great pleasure to rendezvous with my friends in Zambia. Now we are planning a RETURN TRIP and are working hard to encourage as many ATA members and guests from North America, Europe and points beyond to accompany us as possible.

About Zambia: Named for the Zambezi river, Zambia is a landlocked country, bordered by Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Angola and Botswana. Its excellent network of airlines, railroad routes and road links makes it easy to get around and enjoy the journey. Speaking of sights, Zambia has one of the world's greatest wildlife sanctuaries and Africa's largest game reserve. Eco-culturally speaking, there are 25 distinct ethnic groups and over 70 language dialects. Thanks to its elevation, visitors to Zambia enjoy a more pleasant climate than you would expect in a tropical country.

This, and the well-developed transportation and accommodation infrastructure makes it a particularly comfortable place to visit. Victoria Falls, the world's largest, most beautiful waterfall, is locally known as Mosi-o-Tunia or the "smoke that thunders". Museums that preserve the long tradition of ethnic artifacts as well as famous monuments of more recent times remembered at the Livingstone Monument, the Von Lettow Vorbeck Memorial and the Railway Museum in the town of Livingstone.


About the ATA

The Africa Travel Association is an international, nonprofit, nonpolitical, professional travel industry association, whose objective is to promote tourism to Africa. Its membership is comprised of National Government Tourist Offices, hotels, airlines, ground and tours operators, travel agents, group tour leaders, marketing and media executives, universities, African studies departments and African arts museums. ATA has chapters throughout Africa and North America; is a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents of Travel Agents), WTO (World Tourism Organization), an industry partner with ARTA (Association of Retail Travel Agents), a founding member of IIPT's Coalition of Partners for Peace Through Tourism; and a "Green Globe" member.

ATA organizes an annual international marketing conference in Africa; an annual symposium on environmental and cultural preservation; and publishes the Africa Travel Magazine and web site, www.africa-ata.org

 For more information on ATA membership and the Zambia Congress, contact the Africa Travel Association, (212) 447-1926, fax (212) 725-8253, e-mail africatravelasso@aol.com

The Magic of Zambia.

Congratulations to Lee-Anne Singh of Lusaka, CEO of Image Promotions for her company's excellent book, "The Magic of Zambia." Our editors received a copy from Lee-Anne at the ATA 28th Congress and have had the pleasure of reading this user-friendly guide to everything important in Zambia. With over 200 pages and fully illustrated, it is current, concise and accurate -- a must for anyone considering a journey to this fascinating country.

Yes, the publishers have included maps to help you plan your trip and identify popular destinations such as the Zambezi, victoria Falls, and the National Parks. For your copies, mailto:leeann@image-promotion.com Enlarged description, author biography and excerpts from the above book to come on this page.

Keep an eye on Zambia and please bookmark this page.

We invite our readers to send in their letters and requests, and will do our best to find information sources by posting their letters for as long as it takes to generate response. We invite suggestions of topics you would like to see published in our magazine and web site. Write in English or French to Muguette Goufrani, Associate Editor by Muguette Goufrani. The Africa Travel Association will be pleased to accept profiles from readers who wish to recommend someone they know who is serving the tourism and hospitality industries in Zambia. mailto:africatravelasso@aol.com fax 604 681 0718.