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Lusaka, Zambia (PANA) - Former US President Bill Clinton and his daughter, Chelsea, on Friday visited conservation projects of the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) in Zambia, a visit that will surely put the spotlight on the important work of the Foundation.

On Friday, the two - on behalf of the Clinton Foundation which has supported AWF's anti-poaching efforts - visited two of such projects, as part of the ongoing tour of various programmes in Africa.

PANA quotes the AWF as saying Friday's visit took Clinton and his daughter to a conservation-themed primary school built by AWF, as well as a brand-new community-owned tourism enterprise established by the conservation organisation.

“It’s wonderful to have Chelsea Clinton and representatives from the Clinton Foundation visiting our projects on the ground in Africa to see how people are trying to live with, and protect, elephants,” said Patrick Bergin, Chief Executive Officer of the AWF.

“The African Wildlife Foundation has a long history of working with local communities to find conservation solutions that benefit both wildlife and people, and we’re excited to be able to show the Clinton Foundation two examples of how we work.”

Explaining its anti-poaching efforts, AWF said over the past few years, elephants in Africa have come under increasing threat from poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking. 

It said more than 35,000 elephants were poached across the African continent last year, warning that at current rates, Africa’s elephants could become extinct within our lifetimes. 

"This is why programmes such as AWF’s are so important, ensuring that communities can live alongside, value and protect elephants," AWF said.

The Clinton Foundation has been supportive of such anti-poaching work and other efforts by conservation organisations such as AWF to eradicate illegal wildlife trafficking in Africa and around the globe. 

Last November, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the U.S. State Department would put the issue of illegal wildlife trafficking on its agenda, a move that cast a much-needed spotlight on the crisis plaguing Africa and spurred greater action by many governments against poaching of Africa’s elephants and rhinos. 

The AWF, which started off as African Wildlife Leadership Foundation, was established in 1961 to focus on Africa’s unique conservation needs. 



Unobtrusive game viewing in line with conservation philosophy. Sun International guests in Zambia will be able to participate in Zambia's first elephant back safaris offered by Zambezi Elephant Trails which has initiated this unusual venture in the Mosi-o-Tunio National Park on the banks of the Zambezi River. "The company is the first of two that will offer these safaris in this area - the second will begin operations early in 2003," says Boris Bornman, General Manager of Sun International's two-hotel resort near the edge of the Victoria Falls. "These adventures will be an enhancement of the African experience for our guests and are very much in line with the conservation of wildlife and the environment to which Sun International is dedicated." Zambezi Elephant Trails' six African Elephants, Madinda, Mushumbi, Marula, Lewa, Danny and Bop each offer two guests an extraordinary perspective on the mighty Zambezi River. Guests ride with their guides on an exclusive Zambian Elephant Safari through riverine vegetation and beautiful scenery.

Located at Thorntree Lodge, approximately 10 km from Livingstone, Zambezi Elephant Trails has established Zambia's first "Elephant Camp"  - offering insights into these gentle giants. Together with this ecologically friendly method of game viewing, a strong emphasis is placed on an elephant experience rather than just an elephant ride and guests are encouraged to interact with these most majestic and intelligent of African mammals. Guests are excited to be able to meet, ride, touch and learn about the elephants &endash; and to understand their willingness to act under instruction.

The Mosi-o-Tunio National Park is resident to wild Elephant, Hippo, Buffalo, Impala, Giraffe, Zebra, small animals such as Civet and Serval and abundant bird life. While game sightings cannot be guaranteed, there is a good chance of encountering wild animals in a manner which makes guests feel a non intrusive part of the African bush. The training techniques used by Zambezi Elephant Trails are based on the " perform and reward " method as opposed to the controversial " discipline and submission" technique commonly associated with Asian elephants. The safaris take place for a half-day in the morning or afternoon and cost US$100 per person.  Guests are conveyed from their hotel, either the Royal Livingstone or Zambezi Sun to Thorntree Lodge

Upon arrival, tea, coffee and cordial is served &endash; after which the guide will give a short introductory talk including safety aspects. The guests will then be introduced to the elephants and their handlers. The trails lead through riverine bush and shallow parts of the Zambezi River onto the islands. Halfway through the ride, guests will dismount and interact with the elephants on the ground. During interaction, the guide will give an informative talk on the African Elephant and its relationship with man. Each Elephant is under the charge of a handler &endash; the guide carries a first aid kit and handheld radio.

The Safari ends with a full English breakfast or good choice of snacks (depending which safari is booked) after which guests may view a video of their personal Elephant experience. Videos are available for purchase and will be delivered to guests' hotels. Combine the Royal Livingstone & Zambezi Sun with the Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town, and the Palace of the Lost City at Sun City!!

For more information, please contact Lorenzo Giani, Sun International 1560 Sawgrass Corporate Pkwy, 4th floor, Sunrise, FL 33323. Tel 954-331-8135 fax 954-331-3252, or via email at