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Zambia and the Zambezi River


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The name "Zambia" is derived from the Zambezi River, which forms the country's southern boundary, and flows down from its Northwest border with Angola. Other neighbors are Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Zambia's three great natural lakes are Lake Tanganyika, second deepest natural lake in the world, plus Bangweulu and Mweru. Lake Kariba on the southern border, the largest man made lake in Africa, flows from the historic, spectacular Victoria Falls . Its generally high elevation provides Zambia with a more pleasant climate than that experienced in most tropical countries, with three basic seasons - cool and dry from May to August, hot and dry from September to November, warm and wet from December to April.

Our Observations: Mighty Mosi-O-Tunya, " the smoke that thunders," was an awesome sight, and our travels on the Zambezi river beyond Victoria Falls by canoe safari, motor launch, car ferries and the African Queen, left an impression we will remember vividly and talk about for years. Our ATA delegates experienced two great destinations in one country, many enjoying post congress tours and safaris. One factor that stood out in my mind immediately, was the wide selection of quality operators, representing wilderness camps, lodges and game reserves throughout the land, once known as Northern Rhodesia. Thanks to the Zambia National Tourism Office, we had the opportunity of visiting several camps and game lodges, with such musical names as Chaminuka, Protea, Mfuwe, Kanyemba and Chiawa.

Profiles of Zambia in World Media
Africa Travel Magazine's Zambia "Success Story" will continue to grow in length and depth all year, as our reams of notes, treasured photos and mementos become transformed into words and pictures for broadcast, print and Internet media. The message (below) from Zambia's genial Minister of Tourism and Natural Resources, Hon. Patrick Kalifungwa (right)sets the stage for "Ethno Tourism." His warm personality combined with his ministry staff's dedication, won friends and influenced people before, during and after the congress. These efforts signal greater rewards to come for Zambia Tourism, as ATA members spread the word about this exciting destination near and far.

The ATA 28th International Congress was a Double Header - or what American humorist Al Capp would have called a "Double Whammy" in terms of excitement, anticipation, enthusiasm, networking opportunities and the magic of serendipity! Zambia's outstanding success as a host country has laid a firm foundation for future marketing achievements across North America and beyond. Both Lusaka and Livingstone lived up to their advance billing as host cities by way of hospitality, attractions, location and guest facilities. The Zambia National Tourist Office operated as true professionals, from their pre event tour of the USA, to the day we said good-bye at Lusaka International Airport.

This week's mail included a "good news" letter from Alexis and Maria at Alendo Travel Tours and Car Hire in Lusaka. Following our trip throughout Zambia, by coincidence we left the Lusaka International Airport on the same aircraft, as they were off for a trip to Australia. We just received news about a new baby girl in their household.

More late news: Chris Wood of Maplanga, the Wilderness Camp Operators, has just relaunched his company's website http://www.maplanga.co.za . Their new e-mail address is mapad@cybertrade.co.za . webTel/Fax: 011 794 1446.

We thank the Zambian Ambassador to Ethiopia, whom we met at the recent ATA 25th Congress for somce of the information in this section, which includes the large, attractive tourism map. Watch for more features on people, customs and culture, regional transportation and air connections from the USA and Canada. Featured above is the front cover of a brochure available from Ethiopian Airlines, which has regular scheduled flights to Zambia.

(Click for large version of Zambia map)

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