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Kenya Fair International Tourism Trade

I was surfing through your website and I realized than you are involved in responsible tourism and I felt the urge to communicate with you.

I am the Project officer of FIT Kenya (Fair International Tourism Trade) which is a project of African Pro-poor Tourism Development Centre (APTDC). APTDC is an NGO aimed at using tourism as a top priority in addressing the United Nations Development Millennium Goals; poverty alleviation, reduction of gender inequality and Sustainable development. The mission of the project is to ensure that tourists enjoy nature, share experiences with the local communities and contribute to their wellbeing, this is guide by our motto "Travel responsibly and touch the heart of a poor Person".

Today, tourists are becoming more enlightened and they want to feel that their money is used to support the local economies and preserve the environment so that they can behave responsibly when they go on holiday (Worlds Apart, Tearfund). To this effect, FIT &endash; Kenya operates NON - PROFIT Eco-Safaris where all proceeds are `returned` to local conservation and community projects. FIT - Kenya seeks to provide tourists with a memorable opportunity where they can be in a position of visiting the various touristic attractions in Kenya while at the same time have a chance of helping in solving some of the social problems facing the local economies.

From our research and experience we have realised that many tourists especially from America and Europe are concerned about their security while away from home. With the increase in insecurity and the ever increasing incidents of terrorisms all over the world many governments have advised their citizens to avoid unnecessary travel, most of the potential tourists have responded by remaining at home due to fear.  To counteract this all our groups however big or small are accompanied by armed escorts who are trained on how to handle fire arms, customer care and how to respond to crisis. This added feature allows tourists to relax and enjoy kenya's touristic attractions without any fear of insecurity.

FIT- Kenya operates as fair tour operators in that we package various eco-safaris and price them accordingly. We are currently seeking partnership with travel agents, and wholesaler tour operators who will be selling our eco-safaris and in turn earn commissions, by marking up our net ground handling charges.

Please advise if you are in position of partnering with us in selling our eco-safaris as we seek to help the marginalized through tourism. Feel free to contact me in case you need further information. Thanks.

With Regards,

James Weru

Project Officer &endash; FIT - KENYA

Message sent courtesy of;

African Propoor Tourism Development Centre

5th Floor, Windsor House, University Way /Muindi Mbingu St.

P. O. Box 4293-00200 Nairobi - KENYA.

Tel: +254 2 318522 or +254 2 310276

Fax: +254 2 310276

Cellular Hotline: +254 722 566725

Email: info@propoortourism-kenya.org

URL: http://www.propoortourism-kenya.org/

ATA Head Office: 347 Fifth Avenue,
Suite 610, New York, NY 10016
E-Mail: africatravelasso@aol.com .
Tel: (212) 447-1926, Fax: (212) 725-8253