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Magical Kenya hosts the ATA 30th Jubilee International Congress, Nairobi, May, 2005. Africa Travel Association's Prestige Magazine to publish a "GRAND TOUR "OF KENYA" edition for the Jubilee Congress, with long-term worldwide distribution as a follow-up!

ATA 30th Jubilee Congress, Nairobi, Kenya, May 2005
Watch for New Kenya Promotions, Features and Spreads, AT members are expecting much more action with Nairobi hosting ATB's 30th Jubilee and the new information package just arrived.

Here 's a short descriptive paragraph from official sources: Kenya's name is particularly evocative, thanks to its long colonial history and the Hollywood-sharpened memories of its most famous settlers. This is where George and Joy Adams helped their lions find a new freedom, where Kook Galena dreamed her famous dreams, where Karen Bilan fell in love. But as it enters a new century, Kenya is expanding its repertoire beyond its once exclusive reliance on beaches and the "Big Five" to a broader focus on a land with more varied faces than any other on Earth. From its priceless coastal forests and pristine coral reefs to the rugged snow fields of Mount Kenya, its dramatic northern deserts to a host of spectacular private ranches and innovative ecotourism initiatives, Kenya is pulling out all its natural stops to cement its position as the world's most diverse and responsible safari destination - a destination for the more informed and discerning tourists of the 21st century. Please support these advertisers, who support Africa on ATB's worldwide media combination.

Kenya Advance Edition (above) for ATA 30th Jubilee Celebrations & Tours
Jubilee Countdown starts in Summer 2004 and continues through to the Congress in Nairobi, Kenya, May 2005. Book early, as this issue will grow in size and scope as we get closer to the Congress date. Added distribution via national tourist offices, airlines, airports and embassies. (see two for one offer).